High-flow Oxygen Therapy and BiPAP: Two Complementary Strategies to Fight Respiratory Failure

By Bill Pruitt, MBA, RRT, CPFT, AE-C, FAARC

Respiratory failure takes place whilst there’s a failure of the pulmonary machine in a single or each of its two foremost functions which arise at the alveolar degree however depend on the whole machine to paintings well. These predominant functions are oxygenation of the blood and/or removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the blood.1

Hypoxemic breathing failure (abnormally low PaO2) consequences from troubles such as pulmonary edema, infection/pneumonia, ARDS, atelectasis, trauma, and extra these days in sufferers with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection or COVID-19. These conditions intervene with the capacity of oxygen to transport from the alveoli into the blood move. Hypercapnic (abnormally excessive PaCO2) respiration failure, frequently called pump failure, is a problem with getting CO2 cleared from the frame.2 This is due to useless air flow due to increased airway obstruction, defects within the chest wall, neurologic problems, or weakness inside the breathing muscle tissue.

These problems may be a end result of inflammation, retained secretions, flail chest, reduced ventilatory power, fatigue, or a flattened diaphragm from air-trapping/hyperinflation (causing ineffective or inefficient movement). COPD, weight problems-hypoventilation, and pneumonia are regularly related to hypoxemic breathing failure and (if the failure state or circumstance is prolonged or intense) also can include hypercapnic respiratory failure.3

Stepping Up in Levels of Care: Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure
For hypoxemic breathing failure, oxygen remedy is the first and number one remedy method. Oxygen remedy provides supplemental oxygen and may be introduced by way of numerous means. O2 shipping often occurs starting with a easy nasal cannula. If now not enough to correct the hypoxemia, the following steps (so as of elevated waft shipping and/or FiO2 ) encompass the air-entrainment mask, and non-rebreather masks.Four A patient’s inspiratory call for and inspiratory glide regularly exceeds the drift shipping of those gadgets so room air is jumbled together with the oxygen diluting the FiO2. All of those methods to oxygen therapy involve disposable, unmarried-use gadgets.

The next step as much as deal with continuing hypoxemia and hypoxic respiratory failure is a high-float nasal cannula (referred to as HFNC or excessive-float oxygen therapy, HFT). This requires a more complicated device than the formerly referred to devices. This includes a excessive-glide nasal cannula, a excessive-flow supply with systems regulating the glide and the FiO2, a humidifier device, and heated tubing.Five This machine offers high-go with the flow (30 to 60 LPM) oxygen that is heated to frame temperature (37oC) and is completely saturated (100% relative humidity) with minimal or no rainout inside the tubing.

The blessings of this delivery machine are:

Reduced or removal of dilution of the stimulated oxygen with room air
Washout of deadspace inside the airways
Increased tidal quantity
Generation of low-stage non-stop fantastic airway strain (CPAP)
Increased patient comfort and adherence to the remedy, and
Improved mucociliary shipping.5
Continuous fantastic airway stress (CPAP) and noninvasive air flow (NIV) the usage of bilevel intermittent fine air strain (BiPAP) have verified to be an effective and safe strategy to deal with hypoxemic respiratory failure because of cardiogenic pulmonary edema.6,7 CPAP presents a regular nation of advantageous strain inside the airlines (ie, 5 cmH2O), increases purposeful residual capability bipap machine settings and consists of the capacity of including supplemental oxygen. As a end result, a few areas of atelectasis might be recruited to come to be practical and the tendency for areas to become atelectatic can be greatly hindered or stopped. This improves oxygenation. BiPAP makes use of a baseline high quality pressure (expiratory fine airway pressure or EPAP—ie, 5 cm H2O) and upon suggestion, pressurizes the machine the use of pressure help to a higher nice strain (inspiratory effective airway stress or IPAP—ie, 10 cmH2O). BiPAP can also provide supplemental oxygen.

In sufferers with different reasons for hypoxemic respiratory failure past cardiogenic pulmonary edema, studies on BiPAP have shown a combined final results. The most customarily used interface for BiPAP is a face mask however there can be a hassle with higher than favored brought tidal volumes and subsequent ventilator-caused lung injury.8,9 However, studies using a helmet because the interface for BiPAP have shown that lower ranges of stress support and decrease tidal volumes are the end result, which favors lung shielding techniques.8

FIGURE 1. ESCALATING SUPPORT. Steps to treat hypoxemic and/or hypercapnic respiratory failure.
[Adapted from Scala R, et al #10]
Stepping Up in Levels of Care: Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure
Treatment for hypercapnic respiration failure frequently makes use of BiPAP, specially in sufferers with COPD exacerbation or cardiogenic pulmonary edema. The EPAP putting offers the equal tremendous outcomes as formerly mentioned in terms of CPAP. EPAP is titrated to enhance oxygenation and deal with atelectasis. The IPAP placing utilizes strain support to enhance ventilation, sell off the breathing muscular tissues, and decrease PaCO2.9

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